Founded in January 2014, Culture Emulsion is a UAE-based multi-faceted arts company that define themselves as a “Performance Factory”.

It is active in three areas:


Corporate Theatre – Media Training – Team Building



Shows production – Drama School



Cultural – Educative – Leisure

As a permanent resident of the DUCTAC (Dubai Community Theatre and Art Centre) in Mall of the Emirates, Culture Emulsion is essentially known by the francophone community for the shows they produce or travel to the UAE, and for their successful drama classes.

“Culture Emulsion – Performance Factory” is dedicated to playing with arts and culture to entertain and educate the interactive way.


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“Culture Emulsion is a great part of the Dubai Community Theatre and Arts Centre family.  They have been working in the region since 2014 bringing French cultural shows to both DUCTAC and local schools and offering corporate training and specialised project management.  Their dedication and commitment to the arts in the region for the French speaking community is second to none. We are very happy to have the team on site in one of our offices being a part of what we at DUCTAC offer every day, which is a mixed programme of visual and performance arts for the whole community.”

alex-broun-ductacRichard Evans
General Manager