Culture Emulsion is the Exclusive representative of Universcience, the leading French public establishment for the dissemination of scientific and technical culture arising.

Universcience was created in 2010 when the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie joined forces with the Palais de la découverte. It had one simple yet challenging goal: to inspire as many people as possible to be curious about the world around them, encouraging them both to marvel at the world of science and to engage in scientific reasoning.

Universcience’s mission is to make science accessible to all. Its fun and interactive approach aims to tackle science through discovery and through the questioning of major challenges facing our world. Recognised know-how and solutions tailored to each scientific and cultural project in France and around the world renders Universcience a unique institution: because every scientific project requires specific know-how and experience, numerous cultural centres, science museums and shopping centres place their trust in Universcience to support and facilitate their projects.

By importing their concepts and their know-how in the region (already in Mirdiff City Center Dubai, Little Explorers), Culture Emulsion wants to bring the best of hand’s on activities to the Middle East.

We remain at your disposal to assist you :

  • consultancy services
  • temporary exhibitions
  • development of edutainmet projects