The great saga of Madame Bovary will be narrated, sung and incarnated by four comedians. The fanciful rebellion, the impulsive fight of a woman refusing her condition and seeking, at whatever price, for an adventurous life including pleasure, danger, passion and theatrical action.

A woman and three men, a tragedy-like unappeasable story, blazing like a drama, cutting like a comedy.



Author : Gustave Flaubert
Adaptation : Paul Emond
Artists : Sandrine Molaro , David Talbot, Gilles-Vincent Kapps, Félix Kysyl ou Paul Granier
Stage directors : Sandrine Molaro & Gilles-Vincent Kapps


Thursday, April 27 at 8:30 pm

Ductac @ Mall of the Emirates – Dubai

Ticket : 225 AED
Subscribers ticket : 175 AED

Booking now


Madame Bovary
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