Améliorant la communication interpersonnelle via le théâtre d’entreprise

 « Les techniques théâtrales peuvent tout à fait s’appliquer au monde de l’entreprise, et apporter des résultats notables grâce à son aspect ludique et décalé.

Tous nos ateliers sont adaptés à votre industrie et aux problématiques associées, faisant de vous des champions de la performance relationnelle.

Nos services permettent d’améliorer entre autres les compétences managériales, le travail en équipe, la relation client, les performances commerciales et la prise de parole en public. »


We had a fantastic experience with Culture Emulsion on their corporate theatre teambuilding day. Their « serious games » were the perfect in bringing the team together in a fun way yet still relaxing to a professional environment. Our activities were custom made to our requirements and the hosts integrated the key messages we wanted to pass onto the teams extremely well in the group workshops. Most importantly, everyone had fun ! We couldn’t recommend them more.



The team was very professional and accompanied CHANEL well in our requests and needs for this seminar. We had a specific brief and ideas in mind for our workshops, and the CE team managed to adapt our vision and create a good energy in the Fashion team, making sure the whole experience was smooth. Working with Culture Emulsion was as interesting experience for us as they brought the theatrical world to us, as we created a link with the client servicing and the theatrical environment.



As General Manager of Tiffany UAE, I came to the point that my retail sales teams where excellent on the product knowledge side but the customer experience and storytelling parts could be improved and made more consistent. I always compare the shop floor as a stage, the team as performing actors and the opening hours as showtime so Corporate Theatre technics imposed themselves to be the best tools to help the team yo deliver consistently outstanding emotional journey to consumers throughout the day.

The mission we gave Culture Emulsion and their team were around the welcoming of clients as guests, qualitative interaction and the tools to romanticize the brand. We did 3 sessions with Culture Emulsion over the past 18 months, the 1st one in training rooms with all staffs (4 sessions of 15 attendees) ; the 2nd one as a refresher with a store visit, and the last one with only face to face trainings at store level across the UAE. They clearly understood our needs and targets and over-achieved our expectations to level up the teams expertise and skills.